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Q&A for International Students Studying at Jilin University

I. 老师篇(For teachers

1. 如何接收国际学生(研究生)?

(1) 自费生:学生网上申请后,我院会将国际学生入学商请单送至学院,由学院负责人和指导老师审批。

(2) 中国政府奖学金生:








学生篇(For international students

1. Admission

(1) What are the admission requirements for international students?


Applicants must be healthy non-Chinese citizens with valid passport.


Language requirements:

(2) What qualities should prospective students have?


The applicant should have a certain learning ability, be interested in the selected major, be physically and mentally healthy, be passionate about life and be well-engaged in all school activities. International students who respect Chinese law, school rules and value the customs and habits of the Chinese people are warmly welcomed.

(3) Which standardized test scores do you require?




For undergraduate students: applicants should have the equivalent educational attainment of China high school or above and the high school grades should be acceptable to a certain degree. Failed school records and poor behavior records should be discreetly avoided.

For graduate students: applicants should obtain an undergraduate diploma and receive a good academic performance review. Failed school records and poor behavior records should be discreetly avoided.

For Ph.D. students: applicants should obtain a master diploma and receive a good academic performance review. Failed school records and poor behavior records should be discreetly avoided.

(4) What are the application deadlines for admission?


Deadline for spring semesters: January 15th;

Deadline for fall semesters: July 15th.

(5) Are interviews required? Are there group or individual interviews?


Jilin University offers a wide range of disciplines, including Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Management, Art and other 12 disciplines. According to the different specialties you have applied for, the corresponding telephone and video interviews will be arranged.

(6) How can I arrange a campus visit?


办公室电话 +86-431-85166885 +86-431-85166518

For a school tour arrangement, please contact the Admissions Office of College of International Education:

Email: study@jlu.edu.cn

Phone: + 86-431-85166885/ + 86-431-85166518

(7) How long should I expect to wait for a reply once I submit my application?


Normally it takes approximately 2-3 days.

*Financial Aid

(8) How much will it cost?  

(9) What financial aid options are offered?





1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)

2. Confucius Institute Scholarship

3. College of International Education Scholarship

4. Golden Bean International Students Scholarship

(10) When is your financial aid deadline?


1. 孔子学院奖学金http:/info/1189/1908.htm

2.中国政府奖学金 :  http:/jxj/zgzfjxj.htm

  3. 金豆国际学生奖(助)学金、中欧登录入口奖学金:



The application deadlines for scholarships vary each year; students who intend to apply for scholarship are suggested to pay close intention to the information posted on the official website of College of International Education, Jilin University.

Chinese Government Scholarship

Golden Bean International Students Scholarship, College of International Education Scholarship.

Application time: November each year.

2. Academics

(1) What is the average class size?


There are 50 colleges in Jilin University. According to different colleges and majors, the class size will be different as well.

(2) How accessible are professors outside of class?


According to the training level and major cultivation program, related matters of undergraduate students in our college will be facilitated by the monitor, the head teacher and the counselor; for graduate and PhD students, related matters will be facilitated by their tutors.

(3) Will professors or graduate students teach my courses?


Jilin University offers corresponding training programs for students of different specialties. Teachers in different disciplines work in accordance with specific situations: the major courses are taught by professors, and parts of courses are taught by postgraduates.

(4) When must I choose a major?


1. 中文水平未达相关要求,需先进行语言培训,通过HSK4级考试后进行专业选择。

2. 语言达到要求者,网上申请的同时对专业进行选择,如对所选专业有任何疑问或有意转到其他专业,可在到校注册完成后依据学校及学院相关规定依照流程转到其他专业。

There are two kinds of major selections:

1. For those who do not meet the relevant requirements for Chinese Language, the training for such skill will be needed for HSK level 4 examinations before the selection of major.

2. For those who have achieved the language requirement, major selection can be accomplished along with the online application procedure. If the candidate has a second thought on his major choice later on, a major change can be managed after the fulfillment of registration procedure according to relevant regulations of the university and the college.

(5) What majors are offered? What’s the most popular?



The University offers almost all the common majors. There are 50 colleges and schools, including 12 categories: philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art. The University has 141 undergraduate majors, graduate programs of 63 first-level disciplines, and doctoral programs of 49 first-level disciplines. The University also has 4 national first-level key disciplines (covering 17 second-level disciplines), 15 national second-level key disciplines, 4 national key (cultivating) disciplines and 47 construction programs of world-class university and disciplines. The ESI rankings of 17 disciplines (or fields) are within top 1% worldwide, among which two disciplines ranks top 1‰.

Our popular majors include: clinical medicine, international relations, teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages, chemistry, mathematics and so forth.

(6) Do I need a computer?


Freshmen are not encouraged to bring computers.

(7) What student services are offered (tutoring, career counseling, study workshops)?


The University provides corresponding student services for students in different majors. We offer flexible and multiple services, including advisor counseling, tutoring and so on.

(8) How are the libraries and computer labs?

学校图书馆各类藏书791万册,已被确定为联合国教科文组织、联合国工业发展组织和世界银行的藏书馆。地方志与谱牒、金石拓片与古文字文献的收藏在高校图书馆中名列前茅。订阅外文期刊1268种,中文报刊4914种。图书馆注重数字化文献资源的建设,购买了包括web of scienceEI在内的48种西文文献数据库,中国知网14种中文数据库,超星、书生等电子图书140万册,自建了东北亚研究、地学、汽车、满铁资料等12个数据库。馆内配有机房,装修精致,环境优雅。

The University Library boasts a collection of 7.91 million books and is designated as the library of UNESCO, UNIDO and World Bank. The collection of chorography, genealogy books, Jishi rubbings, ancient scripts and documents ranks top among other university libraries in China. The University Library subscribes 1268 foreign journals and 4914 Chinese journals and newspapers. The Library focuses on building digitalized documents and resources and has already purchased 48 foreign databases, including web of science and EI, 14 Chinese databases including CNKI and 1.4 million volumes of electronic books including Chaoxing and Shusheng. The Library also establishes 12 databases including Northeastern Asian Studies, Geosciences, Automobile and South Manchuria Railway Co. The Library is equipped with computer rooms with exquisite decoration and elegant environment.

(9) Are there study abroad programs?


Yes, so far the University has study abroad programs with 303 institutions from 40 countries. Selected students participate exchange programs regularly every year.

3. Housing

(1) What type of housing is available?



Jilin University has seven campuses in six locations, providing seven foreign student dormitories: the Youyi Guesthouse at Zhongxin Campus, the foreign student dormitory at Nanhu Campus, the foreign student dormitory at University Town, the foreign student dormitory at Xinmin Campus, the foreign student dormitory at Chaoyang Campus, the foreign student dormitory at West Area, and the foreign student dormitory at Harmony Community.

Each dormitory is equipped with desk, closet, Internet, TV and independent bathroom with shower, which could meet the study and living demands of foreign students.

(2) Is student housing guaranteed for four years?


Yes. As long as students are willing, Jilin University can provide housing for four years.

(3) Would I have a roommate or live alone?


We provide single and double rooms for foreign students with different rates. Students can choose according to their preferences.

(4) How are roommates selected?


We will base on foreign students’ requirements and comprehensively consider their majors,  hobbies and other factors to arrange roommates for them.

4. Student Life

(1) What special interest groups, activities, fraternities/sororities are available?


Jilin University has various colorful campus cultures. We are looking forward to the participation of foreign students, which can add new vitality. First, we have a great variety of numerous student’s clubs and organizations. Now there are 256 registered student’s clubs and organizations, covering science and technology, languages, leisure and practices, literature and art, sports, public services and academics. There are 33841 students joining clubs and organizations, accounting for 79.06% of undergraduate students. Second, the College of International Education has international students’ sodality, art organization for international students and friendly volunteer association. The College also provides free specialty courses, such as swimming, yoga and martial arts. In addition, the College also hosts tutoring courses to help international students to study Chinese language and culture.

(2) What’s it like on campus on the weekends?


Students can take our specialty courses like swimming, yoga and martial arts to relax and enjoy themselves, as well as shape their values. Students can participate various activities in their host families, meeting Chinese friends and learning about Chinese culture. Students can also go to the university gym. Jilin University has a beautiful campus, where students can go around.

(3) What programs are available for students with learning disabilities?


The University will arrange learning tutors.

(4) Are intramural, club, and varsity sports offered?

我校目前共有学生社团374个,分为科技、语言、休闲实践、文艺、体育、公益、学术等七大类,参加社团的学生总数为33841人,占全校本专科学生比例的79.06%。另一方面,中欧登录入口有国际学生联谊会、BUDDY FAMILY社团、iCare志愿者协会三个社团,已成为国际学生和在校学生之间沟通交流的良好平台。

Currently, there are 374 student clubs and organizations, covering seven categories: science and technology, languages, leisure and practices, literature and art, sports, public services and academics. There are 33841 participating students, accounting for 79.06% undergraduate students. College of International Education has international students sodality, art organization for international students and friendly volunteer association.

(5) How are the sports facilities?


The University is well equipped with sports facilities, including gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court and gym.

(6) What types of meal plans are available?


Each campus offers students’ dining halls. Just at Main campus alone, there are four students’ dining halls (hosting 10 thousand people). There are dining halls in some foreign students’ dormitories. Meanwhile, there are various specialty restaurants off campus, providing plentiful food for foreign students.

5. Just the Facts

(1) What is the school known for?


Jilin University is a comprehensive national key university under the direct jurisdiction of China’s Ministry of Education. It ranks top ten nationwide. It was founded in 1946 and was listed as national key university in 1960. In 1984, it became one of the first 22 universities that established graduate schools. It was approved as the first group of Project 211 by China’s Ministry of Education in 1995 and was listed as national key university of Project 985 in 2001. I 2017, it was selected to achieve “world-class” academic status under the Double First Class University Plan. The University has abundant and professional teaching staff, including 10 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and 51 double employed Academicians.

(2) What are recent graduates doing now?


Graduates may choose to return to their home countries, work in a third country or start businesses in other Chinese cities. On December 12, 2017, the preferential policy on immigration in Changchun New Area officially puts into effect. Foreign students who want to start innovative businesses in Changchun New Area can apply for a 2-5 year residential permit in private affair category by a Chinese university diploma (note added “fieldwork”) to conduct graduation fieldwork or innovative business activities. During this period, graduates who are hired by relevant employers in Jilin Province can go through applications of working residential permits.

(3) How many freshmen return for their sophomore year?


99% freshmen choose to return for their sophomore year.

(4) How safe is the campus and its surrounding neighborhoods?


Jilin University is located in one of the most livable cities in China—Changchun. Changchun has many good reputations, such as “city of automobiles”, “city of science and technology”, “city of films” and “city of forests”. Changchun has a solid foundation of science and technology. There are 38 regular universities and colleges. Enormous tourist attractions dot the city, developing over 10 popular tourist routes. The well-known Jingyuetan National Scenic Area covers an area of 200 square km, which has the largest artificial forest in Asia.

6. Payment






"Application/tuition fee and name of the applicant"must be filled in the remark column of the remittance bill.

 其他费用(Other expenses):


Course materials fee and other expenses related to laboratory experiment, internship, professional visits and so on are charged in accordance with relevant standards.


地址:中国吉林省长春市修正路1505号 友谊会馆

电话:+86-431-85166885 / 85166518





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